Saturday, March 26, 2011

I LOVE LOVE LOVE coloring with my big girl crayons

 Bella decided to sit in the glorious sun this morning while I colored a little...with my morning java.

Ok, is is just me?  But, don't you LOVE this image?  Perhaps it is those long dark winter months but I want to be her and sipping a perfectly made cosmo.  This and the images below were purchased from Mo Manning's new digital stamp web site .  Check it out.  The paper that I will make the card from is My Minds Eye, Penny Lane.  Ok, so those of you that know me "I HOPE to make the card"  I love to color the images and watch them come to life but I think I need to find someone to work a deal with.  I will color the images and they can make the card..whatcha think?  I have several hundred images, just check out below for the copics markers that I used. 

I have several weddings coming up this summer so I am planing ahead for some beautiful cards, isn't this flower girl just precious?

Two more images from Mo's Manning's digital stamp site.

So this is the view from the back of the house...all I see is sunshine and blue sky, what snow?
Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

coloring fun and a NEW addition to the stromecki family

 So while I was taking a class at Buffalo Stamps & Stuff the UPS man came in with a new box of stamps, upon opening them of course I found some that I JUST HAD to have!
I love watching them come to life with color.

 Happy Birthday to you !

Easter is on the way...

Here she is Bella with one of her biggest fans, Peter.  She is a cavachon,  a mix of Ruby Cavalier King and Bichon Frise and only 9 weeks old.  She sleeps all night and is doing really well on the pee pads.  I am SO happy, she is a real blues chaser!  Welcome Bella!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mardi Gras, a new book and the next generation wood worker

Last Friday Jim and I went to a wonderful place for buffet dinner, delicious drinks and live music New Orleans style. Jim had the sazerac cocktails and I had a few hurricane cocktails.  Yummy authentic feast too.  The Tuscarora Inn is a GREAT fun time.  They have an amazing Sunday brunch too, check it out.  Let me know, I will go with ya.  :)

We enjoyed the sound of "Sophisticated Swing" with Jimmy Sansone (pictured above).  I used to have a shop on the Boardwalk in Olcott (many moons ago) and sometimes I would be lucky enough to hear him play outside his home in the evening over the lake, it was such a lucky treat for me.  He has amazing talent.

This is a mini album that is made out of paper lunch bags.  I have the basic idea finished and now I need to add the embellishments such as ribbon, brads, bling and dressing up the card inserts. 

The paper is a block that is designed by Susan Winget.  Her fabric collection is just as lovely.

Butterflies, butterflies and yes, I love butterflies.  :)

Jim's son Jake is creating a beautiful wooden heart box while he is home visiting from Albany.  He looks pretty excited to be covered in wood dust.

Jake made the pattern free form.  Below is the heart box with a light coat of varnish.  Great job Jake.

Fun in so many ways

So, during one of my card making classes, Sharon opens up a box of new mo manning stamps and more.  Shut the front door! is all I can say.  I HAD to have them.  I know it is a sickness but oh how happy am I to see them come to life!
Wishing for Spring I found this lovely burst of "wanna be real"  flowers that will make a wonderful bouquet for my living room.

For Valentine's Day we made cut out cookies to frost and of course, eat.  Along with a yummy heart shaped pizza and for the mom's, chocolate infused wine.  Yum, yum.


I just took a random picture of my prismacolor pencils that I use for card making, they are perfect for adding dimension to a copic inking.

This is my stained glass piece for Jim's office.  He is going to make a nice oak frame for it soon.

These are a few of Jim's black walnut tea light holders...lovely.

Date night with Jim and Spring

We decided to have a cooking date night after seeing a Bobby Flay Throw Down on the food network channel.  A greek dish, Moussaka.  It was yummy but it was LOTS of work and trying to follow a recipe with two stubborn polish folks can be tricky to say the least.  LOL  It include eggplant, veggies along with hamburg and the topping is a Bechamel Sauce, heavenly.  Toss in a bottle of good wine and it was a success.

I LOVE LOVE spring time flowers!

This flowering cactus Jim bought me a few years ago and it blooms every other month!  Crazy wonderful.

This is a card I made after going to a class at my favorite hang out, Buffalo Stamps & Stuff.  They have some amazing new Spring Classes check them out!  The newest copic markers colors have arrived also. Yay!