Monday, September 26, 2011

Moxy Monday Musings...

I made this card for a sweet friend and I just LOVE it !  I so enjoy inking Mo Manning's images.  I struggle at times with creating the actual card but I like the simple but sweet way this one turned out.  :)  I have several books and magazines that offer so many cards plastered with 3D flowers etc but I sometimes really enjoy the focus to be on the image and how they make me feel...happy.

I have a friend who likes to work with steampunk art and she gave me this really cool shadow box that she made for me.  It has computer parts, ceramic doll arm and other bits and pieces.

Now the interesting and fun part of this artwork is that the image in the middle is my actual cat scan.  No kidding.  How many people have their cat scan so artistically displayed?  :)

Just a little bit of sunshine to add to your day...enjoy !

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vibrant FALL is on the way !

Today was a day of SUNSHINE and FUN!  My mother and I met a few friends out at Hurd Orchards today. It was vibrant and lovely and a perfect way to spend the afternoon.  They created a wonderful cheese platter they served out by the zinnia garden.

The gift shop is loaded with jams, jellies, baked goods, soaps, stationary, kitchen towels and much more.  I purchased a peach bread loaf, black berries and pear almond jam.

A beautiful sunflower waved to us while the sun danced on our flesh.  Can you feel it?  What a enjoyable afternoon.  :)