Sunday, November 21, 2010

A couple of muses were found this week...

 I handed over the torch today!  My daughter Sarah made her son, Peter a pair of jammy pants today.  Peter loved them and I was very proud of her.  I used to sew a lot for my children when they were younger.  Now I only sew for a few fun projects here and there.

My mother's friend, Joyce had a window that needed some color and she and mom worked on this piece for her.  They did a great job picking the colors and mom sodered the window and added this sweet dragon fly for accent.  It is lovely!  My grandmother, Genevieve was an amazing stained glass artist and mom is following in her footsteps, I am sure she is smiling.

 This weekend some of my girls+ had a day of making our family recipe and tradition of Polish Perogies.  We had a great deal of FUN!  I love the holidays!

I had to purchase another batch of roses, the prices are great and they are so welcoming when you walk into a room.  :)  Have a lovely day!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Welcome to Discovering Muse.  This blog is going to be a venue that I am going to use to explore creative muses and musings.  It will be for storytelling, card making, cooking adventures, show n' tell and fun.  This picture was taken with a new camera, a Kodak Easyshare fare so good.  12MP, 10X IS Zoom, 3.0" LCD.
This blog will have a flavor that any muse with a PhD in smart ass could offer.  :)  I am not all that versed in blog but sit back and enjoy the ride with me.  Kindly, Kat

Art found from the past...

I LOVE going to estate and garage sales where they have older linens and books.  Over the years I have collected embroidered pillowcases, doilies, hankies and tableclothes.  While looking at them piling up I have decided to create a throw crazy quilt using them and adding a few touches of my own.  Wish me luck on this project as I have no idea how to exactly make it happen, but that is half the fun of being creative.

This children's book has lovely bright graphics and it was from 1943.  I love it and of course with my sense of humor (ok, bare with me if you want to or not) the title cracked me up.  Can you imagine them trying to publish a children's book with this title today?

OK, kidding aside...aren't the pictures wonderful?  I adore this book.

big girl markers...copics

So, it seems as far as card making and scrapbooking, copic markers are the rage.  I like to call them my "big girl" markers.  I was introduced to them while taking a class at Buffalo Stamps & Stuff  (applause please, I added my first link properly).  This store is more than just a stamp store, it is like spending time with family.  It is the "stuff" in the name of the business that makes it so special.  When you are looking for that "something special" to add the right touch, they have it.  The classes are fun and productive.  I have learned so much and found more "sane" moments  than I ever thought possible.  A sigh, and a thank you inserted here.

As you can see I have a rather large collection of them and I just discovered a new way to store them.  It also works great to take them to different rooms of the house or to a class.  I cannot remember the name of the blog that I found this idea on...but I will add it later.  There are so many many blogs out there that it is hard to keep track of them, at least form this new girl on the block.  So be patient while I learn the tricks of the blogging trade.  I promise I will try to make it fun!

I also created this new mini copic journal to keep with my markers for easy reference.  Otherwise I have a 3 ring binder that holds my steps through the copic discovery.