Sunday, November 21, 2010

A couple of muses were found this week...

 I handed over the torch today!  My daughter Sarah made her son, Peter a pair of jammy pants today.  Peter loved them and I was very proud of her.  I used to sew a lot for my children when they were younger.  Now I only sew for a few fun projects here and there.

My mother's friend, Joyce had a window that needed some color and she and mom worked on this piece for her.  They did a great job picking the colors and mom sodered the window and added this sweet dragon fly for accent.  It is lovely!  My grandmother, Genevieve was an amazing stained glass artist and mom is following in her footsteps, I am sure she is smiling.

 This weekend some of my girls+ had a day of making our family recipe and tradition of Polish Perogies.  We had a great deal of FUN!  I love the holidays!

I had to purchase another batch of roses, the prices are great and they are so welcoming when you walk into a room.  :)  Have a lovely day!

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