Thursday, November 18, 2010

Art found from the past...

I LOVE going to estate and garage sales where they have older linens and books.  Over the years I have collected embroidered pillowcases, doilies, hankies and tableclothes.  While looking at them piling up I have decided to create a throw crazy quilt using them and adding a few touches of my own.  Wish me luck on this project as I have no idea how to exactly make it happen, but that is half the fun of being creative.

This children's book has lovely bright graphics and it was from 1943.  I love it and of course with my sense of humor (ok, bare with me if you want to or not) the title cracked me up.  Can you imagine them trying to publish a children's book with this title today?

OK, kidding aside...aren't the pictures wonderful?  I adore this book.

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