Sunday, October 16, 2011

A fun and rainy, rainy weekend...

I attended my first class at Aurora Sewing Center Saturday.  What a treat !  It was a Hot Ribbon Quilting Class instructed by Lennie Honcoop from California.  She is amazing to say the least.  I was curious about the class as it includes copic markers to make these wonderful wall hangings.


Hot Ribbon Art is an iron-on, no sew, 1/8" wide ribbon that can be used to finish the raw edges of applique. Imported from Japan, Hot Ribbon is gaining in popularity with quilters who like to finish off their projects quickly and have a dramatic look.  This was the leaf that we appliqued in class on to black fabric and outlined with the hot ribbon.  After this process you color the ribbon to match the fabric and create the dramatic look below with Lennie's finished project.

This picture does not do this wall hanging quilt justice, it is JUST beautiful !

I went for a ride in the back 40 and found this fun bush of milk weeds.  When Peter was two we rubbed them together and tossed them up in the air.  He asked to go back the next day and play with the "cow feathers" his named version of milk weeds.  :)

Glorious, glorious SUNSHINE and a splashing of RED and YELLOW against the very BLUE sky.

How precious is this picture?  Peter and his new little brother James!  How full my heart is !

A fun rainy afternoon of coloring with My Big Girl Crayons !

Hey Deb (the most amazing copic artist who has taught me all the wonders of copic markers), this is for you.  I found a way to put a hole in each block of color so you can match up the paper!!!  whooo whoooo!  Two thumbs up?  :)

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