Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fall is here and a few other notes...

This is a picture I took of the boys and I just LOVE it.  I adore the fact that there is a blur when looking at an arm or leg.  This is the way children are, always in motion and so precious.

I got a new copic marker chart from my FAVORITE stamp store, Buffalo Stamps & Stuff on Sheridan Drive.  It it perfect, except that I wished it was easier to match up my paper choices...then, about 2am I had one of those Ah ha moments!  (cuz that is the way I am)  I have a tool that creates holes for grommets and it works perfect!  Ta da !

Driving home I found a RAINBOW!

This lovely place was taken at Hurd Orchards while we were there for a centerpiece workshop...SO much fun!

My mom, Pretty Pat (as Cheri calls her) and her lovely arrangement, great job mom.  :)  I have to tweek mine and then I will add a picture soon.

My grandson James was baptized recently in my christening gown that I wore 51 years ago!  How awesome is that??  More pictures to come soon!  Have a lovely day !  Hug inserted here.

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