Saturday, May 21, 2011

Today we had some SUNSHINE !

Although it was 3pm before it showed up...the most amazing thing happened today, the SUN showed up.  It has been raining for weeks and the SUN has surely been missed.  My goodness, even the ducks have been pissed!  LOL  It was glorious, fabulous, vibrant, warm, welcomed, desired, craved, needed, wanted and oh, SO happy it made us!  Please come and stay a bit...warm the ground (oh heck, DRY the ground.  Our lawn now needs to be harvested, mowing will no longer do), dance upon the garden, soak into our souls, lighten our hearts and PLEASE stay for a visit, as long as you like, PLEASE.
Maybe, I should tell you how I really feel?  LOL  Bella and I headed up north to visit my parents and pick up my grandson, Peter.  We had a wonderful time and you can see the sunlight glowing on Bella & Peter...ahhhh.  The SUN is my muse today and I OH SO hope it is tomorrow too.  :)

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