Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy, Happy Spring is in the air!

 Every month Mom & I attend the Stamp of the Month class at Buffalo Stamps & Stuff and this collection is from Great Impressions.  Sharon walks us through the process of creating wonderful cards that are perfect to add to our stash.  And, hey...I actually finish the cards instead of just inking them.  :)

They are so pretty and perfect for Mother's Day or any time you want to send a special note to someone.

Pink is my favorite color.  :)

While I was at Buffalo Stamps & Stuff I found a perfect House Mouse wooden stamp for Easter.  I am almost finished with the coloring...just need a few more steps to make it ready for a card.

Bella and I went up north to attend a bridal shower for the lovely, Margaret.  While we were visiting, Bella found a great place to watch what was going on outside at the farm.

Peter drew a really great picture in school this week.  It is a drawing of a nascar race with all the fans cheering on #95.  I thought it was interesting that he made each fan a different color.  :)

I decided to attend Springtime in the Country at the Hamburg Fairgrounds (for the first time) and had a wonderful discovery!  I got to meet the most amazing artist, Mitzi.  She is as lovely inside as she is on the outside and she can create incredible mosaics.  This delightful whimsical mirror is now hanging over my computer desk and I LOVE it.  Have you ever met someone and it felt like it was supposed to happen?  This was one of those rare fantastic moments.  She will be at the Christmas in the Country Show during November, find her will be so glad you did.

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