Friday, March 9, 2012

Art & Soul Retreat for 2

Sorry for the delay in posting since we have returned from Art & Soul Retreat, Virginia Beach, VA, but reality and the pace of "life on the hill" hadn't missed a beat and we are back in to many appointments and allowing the healing to continue with the boys.  I was SO thrilled that my mom decided to join me on the trip (she was a blessing for sure).  She had to learn how to use the iPad as a GPS and those back roads of the PA mountains were certainly a challenge to say the least.  I thought it would be funny to have us wear these I.D. bracelets reading "IF LOST PLEASE CALL..."   LOL  Luckily, no one had to call Jim or Dad.  :)  We made it home safe and sound.  Well, we made it home safe...sound, may be another story altogether.  There is much to share about the trip.  The new friends and new musing ideas were amazing...

My first class was American Still Life with the very talented Jenni Horne.  We were to pick from several photo copied images that she shared and I picked a a quaint simple church.  The image was traced with white transfer paper under the image on black primed wood.

The imaged completely traced and ready for the painting to begin.

You can see the process coming to life and I am loving it.  It was so relaxing and the technique was fun.  Jenni also suggested we use paper and other embellishments and I picked a tissue paper tape with music for the sidewalk to the church.  I also added glossy accents for the light and scrapbook paper for the doors with 2 brads for the door knobs.

Ta da!!  Complete with a frame that Jenni brought with her for our class.

Mom signed up for the Third Times a Charm class by Julie Haymaker Thompson.  Mom created 3 pewter wrapped charms and then aged and distressed them prepping them for the unique embellishment technique using beads, pearls, crystals findings etc.  I will add more retreat information and fun on the next stolen moment for blog time.  

 Have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by!


  1. Hello Kat (and Pat)!
    I had SO much fun meeting you both at A&S, taking class with you and eating a fine lunch together! You guys were great to sit with and I felt fortunate that we were able to meet and get to know each other. So many fun memories (I just wish I had taken more pictures). I'm glad you 2 had a super fun time!

  2. Hello Sunshine! How are you? So nice to meet you and your husband too! I agree what an awesome time in VA. Happy crafting! Watch your mailbox this week. :)